Fox News isn’t Racist

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The pot calling the kettle ummm, ummm, a metalic cooking instrument

The pot calling the kettle a metalic cooking instrument

Rapper Nas delivered a petition this week claiming that Fox News was racist for its treatment of Obama. Fox isn’t racist, its just has some commentators that are a little biased.  People  are jumping on the bandwagon because they don’t like Fox.

Race has nothing to do with it. They criticize politicians on the basis of policy, character and experience, not skin color. Fox likes and liberals criticize African American conservatives such as Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes and JC Watts. Does the fact that Fox criticizes many white liberal politicians like John Kerry, the Clintons, AlGore, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi make them anti white?

Who presents a worse image of Afro-Americans, Fox News or rappers like NAS?  Both he and Kellis both had the ‘N word’ on their shirts at the Grammys. Lets face it, the lyrics and lifestyle presented by most rappers promotes the worst stereotype of black people and presents the poorest role models. Wouldn’t people like Condi, JC Watts, Senator Anne Cools, Jarome Iginla, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby and Colin Powel make far better role models?


Back to blogging!

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I’ve haven’t blogged in two years for a couple of reasons:

  • We won the election. There wasn’t as much to complain about!
  • My health. My sleep apnea was getting worse. I had to concentrate on more important things in my life. I have a new auto CPAP machine, so I feel a lot better now.
  • Doing an original blog takes a lot of energy if you want to come up with original material.

I’m back. I hope to entertain and inform you with a mix of politics, humor, accounting, investment and tax articles.

Calgary SW Election Forum

•January 20, 2006 • 5 Comments
I was at the Calgary South East forum Tuesday night.  It appeared to be quite a partisan crowd, from the moderator down who was a proud Liberal.  I myself prepared a list of tough questions, and asked two:

James Ludwar, the Liberal candidate, had to disagree with his party’s actions on both of these.  He is a new Liberal, and not totally brainwashed, thus I hope we can shake his faith in his party a little. There seemed to be a lot of fear and misinformation about the conservative party among the people I talked to there.  Somehow the old Reform Party was terribly evil, but both the Liberals and the Greens copied their idea of the MP voting what his constituents wanted.  As well, I ‘accidentally’ left a copy of theNDP’s 1997 campaing literaturewith their brochures so people could see their inconsistency.

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This Liberal Scandal is making international news

•January 19, 2006 • 11 Comments

I just can’t keep track of all the scandals, but here is one that is making news outside of Canada:

In the article Hollywood’s Canadian politico lies about her approach to lawmaking , Boing-Boing discusses the misrepresentations of Liberal MP and Parliamentary
Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage Sarmite (Sam) Bulte in regards to some parliamentary hearings she chaired.  If you remember, Bulte’s name was in the news for a scandal involving a fundraising dinner hosted by the entertainment industry, and the donations received from them.

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Bank Robbers. With guns. In our parliament.

•January 18, 2006 • 10 Comments


When he was 29 Ivan Grose held up a bank.

He took a 22-year-old man hostage with a handgun to his back. 

He served 19 months for armed robbery. 

Know what else he has served? 

As Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs.

And as Vice-Chair of Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

Bank robbers with guns. 

In our government. 

In Canada. 

We did not make this up.

Choose your Canada.

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Scandal Overload and My Online Poll

•January 14, 2006 • 17 Comments
The last few weeks has been crazy with all the Liberal Scandals.  Forget about the original adscam, we now have:

It is just too much for me to keep track of.  I was considering doing a “Liberal Scandal of the Day” calendar, however I don’t have the time or energy for such a large project.  The part of my work that involves administering our systems at work has given me inspiration for a new poll.  Please follow the link:

Do the Liberals have more scandals, or Microsoft more security holes?

A humorous quandary if you are a computer geek.

Computer security issues

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It is always good to remind people of these things. 

Microsoft just released a very important security update. – This is to fix a newly discovered exploit that can infect you with a virus by simply viewing a picture on a website or otherwise

Be sure your virus protection is updated and get a free antispyware program such as Microsoft AntiSpyware or Spybot     You could also use an internet security suite that includes adware protection, or a a virus program that has spyware protection built in, such as AVIRA Desktop for Windows

You can get a free online virus and adware scan from Panda Software, but it doesn’t constantly your internet connection like a standalone program does.

Good pages to get more info are,,,, and .  Some of these places have forums where you can get help with a difficult virus or adware problem for free.