Fox News isn’t Racist

The pot calling the kettle ummm, ummm, a metalic cooking instrument

The pot calling the kettle a metalic cooking instrument

Rapper Nas delivered a petition this week claiming that Fox News was racist for its treatment of Obama. Fox isn’t racist, its just has some commentators that are a little biased.  People  are jumping on the bandwagon because they don’t like Fox.

Race has nothing to do with it. They criticize politicians on the basis of policy, character and experience, not skin color. Fox likes and liberals criticize African American conservatives such as Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes and JC Watts. Does the fact that Fox criticizes many white liberal politicians like John Kerry, the Clintons, AlGore, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi make them anti white?

Who presents a worse image of Afro-Americans, Fox News or rappers like NAS?  Both he and Kellis both had the ‘N word’ on their shirts at the Grammys. Lets face it, the lyrics and lifestyle presented by most rappers promotes the worst stereotype of black people and presents the poorest role models. Wouldn’t people like Condi, JC Watts, Senator Anne Cools, Jarome Iginla, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby and Colin Powel make far better role models?


~ by Dan Bergen on July 25, 2008.

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