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I was at the Calgary South East forum Tuesday night.  It appeared to be quite a partisan crowd, from the moderator down who was a proud Liberal.  I myself prepared a list of tough questions, and asked two:

James Ludwar, the Liberal candidate, had to disagree with his party’s actions on both of these.  He is a new Liberal, and not totally brainwashed, thus I hope we can shake his faith in his party a little. There seemed to be a lot of fear and misinformation about the conservative party among the people I talked to there.  Somehow the old Reform Party was terribly evil, but both the Liberals and the Greens copied their idea of the MP voting what his constituents wanted.  As well, I ‘accidentally’ left a copy of theNDP’s 1997 campaing literaturewith their brochures so people could see their inconsistency.

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~ by Dan Bergen on January 20, 2006.

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  2. Alice

    Better be alone than in bad company…

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