Computer security issues


It is always good to remind people of these things. 

Microsoft just released a very important security update. – This is to fix a newly discovered exploit that can infect you with a virus by simply viewing a picture on a website or otherwise

Be sure your virus protection is updated and get a free antispyware program such as Microsoft AntiSpyware or Spybot     You could also use an internet security suite that includes adware protection, or a a virus program that has spyware protection built in, such as AVIRA Desktop for Windows

You can get a free online virus and adware scan from Panda Software, but it doesn’t constantly your internet connection like a standalone program does.

Good pages to get more info are,,,, and .  Some of these places have forums where you can get help with a difficult virus or adware problem for free.


~ by Dan Bergen on January 6, 2006.

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