Beer, Popcorn, Panhandlers and the Left’s Strange Logic

The Liberals think they know how to best care for your children, and that if you were simply given money to spend on child care as you wanted, you might spend it on beer and popcorn instead of your children. 

If your aren’t familiar with the whole beer and popcorn issue, see this.

I am sure there are some people who might do this.  Coming from Lethbridge, I know there are some people who spend their government cheques on beer, cigarettes, or the bingo hall, but most family people aren’t like this.

There are some cases where people shouldn’t just be given money as they might spend it on booze, for example panhandlers on the street.  The Calgary Downtown Association’s Panhandling Public Awareness Campaign encourages people to give to a number of agencies rather than panhandlers.  See link. 

The left wing group Food Not Bombs Calgary seemed to be greatly offended by this, and hosted a breakfast as a protest.  See link to understand why I really can’t relate to these people.  

Two questions: So why do people on the left think parents can’t be trusted to wisely spend money given to them, but panhandlers can?  In the case of s a parent who is panhandling, will they spend it on beer and popcorn?




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~ by Dan Bergen on December 14, 2005.

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